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Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box
Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box
Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box
Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box

Handmade Natural Soap with Olive Oil 3 Box

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Box contents

-1 BiKutu Natural Traditional Hammam Soap

-1 BiKutu Natural Donkey Milk Soap

-1 BiKutu Natural Activated Charcoal Soap

BiKutu Natural Traditional Hammam Soap

Wherever We Are Our Ties With The Past and Nature Should Not Be Broken.

Traditional Turkish Bath Soap is used in baths, especially in Anatolia, as the name says. Baths have a special place in Anatolian traditions. Each soap is believed to have the identity of the bath it is in and its properties are differentiated according to the oil it contains. The bath culture also prevented the spread of the Black Plague in our past, in Anatolia, and mitigated the damage people would take from a major epidemic. For this reason, baths and soaps used in these baths were very valuable.

What does our Traditional Turkish Bath Soap offer you?

Traditional Turkish Bath Soap softens, purifies, reduces blemishes, balances skin tone with the olive oil it contains. It opens the pores and allows your skin to breathe. It is good for allergic effects; It helps those with diseases such as psoriasis and eczema to heal their ailments. Traditional Turkish Bath

Soap is good for all skin types; softens dry skin and balances mixed-oily skin. It helps to reduce the occurrence of acne on all skin types.

If you use it in your hair, it nourishes, revitalizes your scalp and hair with its intense amount of vitamin E and makes it look shiny. It prevents dandruff and hair loss. With regular use, your hair will be shaped more easily. It provides softening of your hair and easier combing. Your hair will become thicker over time.

You should lather the Traditional Turkish Bath Soap with warm water, apply it gently and let it sit for a minute or two. You should then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Thus, we are sure that you will feel free of impurities both body and soul.


BiKutu Natural Activated Charcoal Soap

Turn Your Face to Nature to Purify.

The charcoal, in which the Activated Carbon Soap is made, was used in the cleansing of wounds in Ancient Egypt. It is known that activated carbon has a cleansing and purifying properties and it is used especially in this field today. Normal soaps containing only Activated Carbon can balance the moisture of your face to some extent. The main purpose of Activated Carbon is to dry and clean your pores. As a result, it overdries your skin, but our soaps contain olive oil so that you do not experience this. Thus, it does not dry your skin and the feeling of tension does not hurt you.

How does our Active Carbon Soap provide miracles to your skin?

Activated Carbon Soap is good for oily skin, especially used in oily skin control. It cleans the unwanted oils and dirt accumulated on the skin. It can be used as a peeling. It shrinks the pores that enlarge due to dirt and oil accumulated over time, and is perfect for acne and blackhead treatment. It is good for blemishes and reduces the imperfections on the skin. It exfoliates dead skin and renews deeply. It is especially recommended for psoriasis and eczema. It tightens the skin and adapts to every skin type. It purifies the excess oil of combination-oily skin, moisturizes and nourishes dry skin. It prevents premature aging. It helps to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

It is used in the treatment of dandruff, especially in the hair. It cleans the scalp, cleanses the dead skin and renews it. It makes the hair look more vibrant and shiny.

We recommend that you apply Activated Carbon Soap to your face in the morning and evening by massaging and rinsing. Your skin definitely deserves the regular, 12-hour period care. When used regularly, the effects will be visible.


BiKutu Natural Donkey Milk Soap

Your Beauty Must Be Natural, Coming From Nature.

Contains plenty of vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, high amounts of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium. Donkey Milk Soap is also known as the soap that Cleopatra owes its beauty. Donkey Milk Soap, which contains natural and olive oil, is highly preferred in the field of beauty. The content of our natural Donkey Milk soap is supplemented with olive oil. Thus, it will add beauty to your beauty.

What does our Donkey Milk Soap add to your beauty?

It removes wrinkles on your face. Rejuvenates the skin. It is good for skin spots and darkening. It is effective against psoriasis and eczema, soothes. It moisturizes the skin and balances the moisture content. It makes your skin soft like baby skin. It tightens the skin, makes it plump. It removes allergic rashes and relieves irritation. With regular use, it is observed that it reduces age spots and whitens your skin. It will definitely give your skin the moisture and softness it needs in winter and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

If you use Donkey Milk Soap in your hair, it strengthens your hair follicles. It allows your hair to grow faster than normal. It is effective in eliminating dandruff and itching. It moisturizes and nourishes your hair and roots.

We recommend you to use Donkey Milk Soap for your face three times a day, in the morning, noon and in the evening, after lathering and lathering, let it sit for five minutes and rinse. Thus, you will see the effects on your face in a shorter time. There is no harm in using it whenever you want for your hair and body.