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Our story

It all started when we realized that the liquid soaps and shampoos we have used for a long time dry our skin.

Especially, this situation increased even more during the pandemic period. Because we had to wash our hands and face constantly, and every wash provided us hygiene, but the skin returned as dryness. We were in an inevitable vicious circle. There had to be a solution.

Turkey is a land of ancient culture we live in and we have efficient Anatolia, which is heaven. We thought that this must have a solution here and we were on the right track.

Everything was natural in the past. There were no artificial products and chemicals. They were not under the invasion of artificial and chemical products as they are today. Nobody was subject to such an imposition.

In our researches, we realized that if we produce solid soap with the highest quality olive oil, we will take a very healthy way in this regard. Because olive oil is a food that nourishes the skin. The best quality olive oil was produced in the Aegean region in Anatolia. This region is a true olive paradise. When you arrive, you will encounter thousands of olive trees, each hundreds of years old.

A good quality olive oil alone would not be enough. We had to produce this in the most natural environment. Otherwise, we would be no different from the fabricated products sold in the market. And it was a great idea to sort this out with a wood burning oven. Yes, you did not read wrong, our soaps are completely produced in a wood oven and handmade until the last moment, including packaging.

This was not enough. Our scent should have been amazing. It had to be so magnificent that we had to constantly look forward to washing our hands, washing faces and bathing.

You can be sure that we use the most amazing essences for this. We did a lot of research to find the right essences. We had to avoid all allergic risks.

And in this way, the wonderful scent of our soaps became one of the most assertive aspects. Make sure you don't want to let soap go. Who knows, maybe you'll keep it by your bed and want to sleep next to it.

We have been using the soaps we produce for a long time and share them with our friends. We all got rid of skin dryness. Although we wash our hands and faces every day, our skin is like soft cotton. This has been a great situation as we need more hygiene than ever, especially during the pandemic period.

We named our name BiKutu. Since we think you will like our fragrant natural soaps, we wanted to deliver our soaps to you in multiple boxes. We have created different variations in our stylish boxes that you cannot afford to throw.

Now we want you to experience this amazing experience we have had.

Healthy days…